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3 Critical Reasons Your DJ is More Important Than You Think!


The fact that you clicked on this article tells us two things:


  1. You’re a smart budgeter
  2. You’re grappling with the age-old question, “Is a DJ worth the cost?”


No worries. We TOTALLY understand!

Why is a DJ important?”


Many of our past clients have thought that a DJ simply plays music and feel that the cost is too high when an iPod or playlist can do the same.


But can they?


And, if a playlist or an iPod can’t replace a DJ, what else is the DJ really doing that makes the DJ important?


Again, why is a DJ important? A DJ is important to the success of ANY event because they MASTER these 3 MAJOR THINGS:

  1. Coordinating

  2. Communicating

  3. Crowd-Pleasing.




An organized event starts with a DJ who cares and is there from the beginning to the end.


Not only does the DJ help you design a custom playlist, but also walks you through the planning of EACH stage of your big event. If you’re planning a wedding, a DJ will manage the event flow from ceremony to reception, covering the processional, hymns, first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, bridal party introduction, numerous toasts — and the list goes on!


A great DJ becomes your EYES and EARS throughout the entire event and manages all the small things that could be missing or out of place that cause anxiety for you and your guests.


Could you imagine the chaos that would arise if your DJ invited guests into the hall without checking that the caterers were ready to serve? Or initiated a toast or speech without ensuring that the champagne was already poured and the speaker available?


Why is a DJ important? Event coordination is one critical reason why!





An experienced DJ will also be an established Master of Ceremonies (MC) or would have one – or two  – on his team.


An MC that is confident and creative on the mic and able to make important announcements and introductions in a correct, classy, and charismatic manner is a MUST for a successful event.


No one enjoys a clumsy, indelicate MC who mispronounces names and muddles important directions!





Now, you may be running through a mental list of friends and family members you can enlist for free to do all the coordinating and communicating we’ve mentioned above.


If you do have some folks in mind, fantastic!


However, let’s drop some statistics and hard facts here. After an event:


  1. 78% of clients state that they would have made the entertainment their highest priority
  2. 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about an event is the entertainment!


Why is a DJ important?


You may have happy volunteers to cover coordinating and MCing, but an iPod or playlist cannot compare to the art forms of music placement and crowd analysis — which your DJ is very skilled in!


Reading a crowd is a skill that only comes with experience and requires a refined understanding of demographics, atmosphere, and the changing energy of a room. Your playlist — or even an amateur DJ — won’t adjust to a shift in audience expectations.


Additionally, sound quality, lighting, and multimedia are paramount when playing high-quality events — and this state-of-the-art service ONLY comes with a DJ.


Don’t gamble your reputation OR your friends’ and family’s enjoyment!


You don’t want your guests’ post-event assessment to be that the décor was great but the atmosphere was dead.


After all of your planning, budgeting, and hard work, you want to create the fun dance party your friends and family can’t — and won’t — stop talking about!





A great DJ customizes the lighting, music, and mood to match your needs and designs a positively intimate atmosphere for your audience that is second to none. 


That’s something that may not happen if you just let your iPod play through or you hire your cousin twice removed, — unless, of course, they are an experienced DJ!



Still wondering, “Why is a DJ important?”

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