How to Choose Your Wedding Playlist


Choosing wedding music is a daunting task — even for music lovers who collect and create playlists every day of the week!

Some struggle to recall just ONE meaningful song, and others can’t choose a favorite from the endless library of music they’ve collected over many years in preparation for their big day.

Here’s how we’d help you pick all your wedding music: 

Get Inspired

Interview married couples about their favorite songs, watch wedding videos on YouTube, collect soundtracks to your favorite romantic movies, search Spotify for playlists, and leave the radio on more. You may discover and re-discover hidden gems.

Understand the Itinerary

Outside of simply choosing songs that you like, they must be appropriate to the pace, mood and purpose of a particular moment. For example, the processional track should be one you and your wedding party could comfortably walk to.

Select the Songs for the Big Moments First

Choose the songs for the following moments first, and then everything else will fall into place:

• Cocktail hour must-plays
• Introduction of the wedding party
• Introduction of the newlyweds
• Signing of Registry
• First dance song
• Dinner music must-plays
• Toasting music
• Father-daughter dance song
• Mother-son dance song
• Cake cutting
• Garter toss and bouquet toss
• Garter/bouquet catchers dance
• Anniversary dance
• General dancing must-plays
• Line dances and crowd dances
• Exit song
• Last song of the night

Consider Your Wedding Style & Theme

It’s a great idea that your music style matches your wedding style and theme for cohesiveness. If you’re hosting a Great Gatsby-style soiree, it couldn’t hurt to go with a playlist of jazz and “oldies but goodies.”

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

No matter how long the two of you have been together, there’s bound to be a song, artist, or genre of music that you both appreciate and takes you back to pivotal moments together. Think back: Is there a song one of you has heard that makes you think about the other person? Or maybe a concert you went to together by an artist you both really love? Mine your memories to guide you to songs that are really meaningful.

Mix It Up

Weddings are a meeting of generations and cultures and the music tastes to match! And you don’t want to disappoint anyone! Choosing fusion mixes covering multi-generations and cultures is always a smart choice!

Create an Atmosphere

Of course, you want the air to be primarily brimming with romance, but do you want something calm and subdued, upbeat, or a fun surprise? Match your music to the mood you want to create by taking the songs on a test run before the big day and being aware of how the music affects your body and your imagination! We suggest a quick romantic road trip JUST for that purpose!

Have fun coming up with your playlist(s), but, most importantly, SET EXPECTATIONS or a music-selection system ahead of time with your partner. Will you alternate choosing songs? Each makes a list and matches them to specific events/times. Or just one of you will manage it all? Figure it out together — and ENJOY!

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