Navigate DJ Cancellations With 3 Essential Items! 


 80% of brides and grooms wish they spent more on entertainment.

Why? Because it can make or break your wedding.

But how do you find the “perfect” DJ?

Booking a DJ is like renting an apartment — you have to know what you want and why it’s important, what you will or won’t compromise and ask the right questions.

If you don’t, you may wind up in a pretty space with no elevator, windows painted shut and two months of a deposit you’ll never get back!


Here are some of our TOP 11 QUESTIONS to ASK A WEDDING DJ that you may not have thought of before: 

1. What’s your specialty and style?

Have this conversation to ensure that their style will work with the vibe you and your guests are going for.


2. Do you do site visits to the reception space before the event?

This is to ensure that the DJ is prepared for the acoustic and amplification requirements of the event space.


3. Can you help us create a custom playlist?

It’s an awesome bonus if a DJ can guide music selection if you don’t know where to start and also offer fusion mixes covering multi-generations and cultures.


4. Would we need to rent equipment from a separate source?

Not all DJs are connected to a FULL-SERVICE suite like Knightrin Entertainment, so you don’t want to make the assumption that they own anything more than their laptop and mixers.


5. Do you use lighting or any other multimedia set up? At what cost?

These may be standard or come with hidden charges, so ask and get all prices written into your contract.


6. How do you handle song requests and “read” the audience?

You’d like the older and younger generations to have equal amounts of fun and at the same level of comfort.


7. Can you act as a master of ceremonies?

Again, not all DJs are connected to a FULL-SERVICE suite like Knightrin Entertainment, so you don’t want to assume that they are skilled MCs or have access to one.


8. What are your sick day and cancellation policies?

Be doubly sure they have reliable and experienced replacements for team members and that you understand the repercussions if YOU are the one that needs to cancel!


9. Do you provide a step-by-step itinerary for the event?

Carefully curated itineraries and the option for a final walkthrough, like those offered by Knightrin Entertainment, ensures comprehensive collaboration with the couple and brings their ideal wedding vision to life!


10. What do your packages include and your overtime charges?

Find out if their pricing includes things like setup and breakdown between ceremony and reception locations, equipment, lighting, etc. and what the charges are if the event lasts longer than expected.


11. Do you offer a written contract?

Do NOT proceed without the option of a written contract. If they won’t provide one, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Got any questions for the Knightrin Entertainment Team about what to ask a wedding DJ? Set a consultation with us

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